Extend your helping hand today…

Posted on: October 7, 2018

Geriatric care is a very sensitive issue and it is being given to people with various degrees of limitations in the later stage of their life. People may need assistance in brushing their teeth or eating or bathing or walking. Some need help to remind them about day to day things or a little assistance in framing small sentences and prounouncing words correctly. But just because they need this sort of care or assistance, they are not “invalid” or “abnormal.”

Trust me, people who need the care also try their best to do things on their own. But they have limitations. A lot of times, they do break their own limitations though.

They remember the finest of things from the pages of history which any “normal” person may not have ever heard of. They can walk miles with the help of their stick on days they feel energetic and happy. They will give a smile and tell you, “What big deal, I can do it,” when you are worried if it is okay to send them for a surgery at this age. They would give the best insight about life when you are on the verge of giving up at work or in personal life.

Those who have not offered geriatic care would not understand it. If you ever get a chance to live close to people who are aging, you must feel blessed forever.

All of us would reach at a point when we need help from someone. Extend your helping hand to someone today so that you get to hold onto someone else’s hand in future.

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